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Lifestyle and parenting, from the perspective of a femme lesbian couple.

We set this blog up as a way for us to look back and remember planning our girly, traditional wedding - the gay way!
 Now, we plan to use this blog to document our lives as wife & wife, and our journey as a family - we struggled to find in depth information on IVF from the viewpoint of a lesbian couple, so blogged about our baby making journey in detail.
Now we are three and have a beautiful son, so write about our experiences as two mums.

In between baby talk, we write about our lives through changes such as marriage and motherhood, social issues, and lifestyle - food, interiors, nature, living eco friendly, and travel are some of our big loves!

Featured - others places we can be found

Glamour magazine
We were featured in the April 2015 issue for an article on making a succesful relationship last.

Connextions Magazine
Four page spread about our love of travel, and our Mexican honeymoon.
Also a piece on their website about our 1st wedding anniversary California road trip here

Diva Magazine
Diva featured us in their 'Five of the best lesbian parenting blogs' piece

The Pramshed
Our article on 'The Partners View' on giving birth

Hands For Equality
Our piece on why it's important to hold hands in public for this fabulous campaign for same sex couple acceptance in public

The Outing Project
A great site aimed at offering support and hope to young LGBT people. They feature our coming out stories.

When Sally Met Sally

Fabulous site that provides a valuable resource to those going through 'coming out', and features our coming out stories

Mombian made our post on married / civil partnered gay couples choosing a last name their post of the week.

Pink Lobster Dating
A great online dating site aimed at helping femmes find femmes, they feature a few of our posts.

Dave Harte
Dave listed us as one of the Ten Best Blogs In Birmingham.

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  1. What a great blog. truly inspiring. It's so great to see you've gone into detail, and aren't afraid to be honest and open. It's refreshing to see someone speak so openly about it.


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